Train like a Champion – Workouts from 8 World Class Marathon Runners


Those of you who use The 100 Day Marathon Plan know that this program, which is designed to fit runners of all levels, is a modification of many of the principles used by many of the top marathoners in the world. But how do the best marathon runners in the world actually do their training on a day-to-day basis? I’ve collected a few excellent online sources to specifically answer this … [Read more...]

99 Ways Running Can Help You Live a Better Life

benefits of running

This is a guest post by Stephanie, for the 100 day Marathon Blog. Enjoy ! Still haven’t convinced yourself to keep running? Then here are the many different ways running improves the quality of your life. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have enough motivation to put on your running shoes! Share this article, if you agree! 1. Look great. When you run, you lose weight and … [Read more...]

100 Fascinating Facts About the Marathon

Legend has it that the very first marathon took place in Greece, when Pheidippides ran from the city of Marathon all the way to Athens in 490 BC to give word that the Greeks won over the Persians. It has also been said that after delivering his message, Pheidippides collapsed and died. Obviously, no one can confirm if this actually happened or not, but it makes for a very fascinating story, … [Read more...]

The #1 Best Running Workout to Improve Your Running

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I know that is a very bold claim and, yes, the best type of workout does vary from individual to individual and running phase to running phase.  Having said that, however, I’d like to share one of the absolute best running workouts that you can do in any phase of your running. And it is highly effective. Runners who use The 100 Day Marathon Plan are already familiar with this type of workout … [Read more...]

17 Ways Running Makes You Smarter


Does running make you smarter? Professor Charles Hillman from the University of Illinois says it does. In his latest study, Cognition Following Acute Aerobic Exercise, it was proven that moderate exercise (30 minutes) results in 5-10% improvement in cognitive functions. That discovery alone should be enough to convince you to keep running. But if you still need more reasons to motivate yourself, … [Read more...]

The 100 Best, Most Interesting Running Blogs for 2014


There are a LOT of people who are addicted to running.  We live to run which is quite interesting really, because in essence, running lets us live life to the fullest. Truth be told, there are hundreds, if not thousands of blogs about running all over the Web, proof that the whole world has embraced running not just as a sport, but as a way to develop a healthy and active lifestyle. In as … [Read more...]

Five Immediate Things You Can Do To Improve Your Half-Marathon PR

This article is a guest post written for the 100 day marathon plan blog by Duncan Larkin, 2:34 marathon runner and writer. Enjoy ! At 13.1 miles or 21.097 kilometers, the half-marathon is a race distance that most aspiring marathoners tackle first. The pros benefit from half marathons as well—using that race to “tune up” a month or so before their peak marathon in the spring or the fall. If … [Read more...]

45 Mind Numbing Facts, Figures and Statistics About Running

Running is good for our body. It keeps us healthy and it makes us feel good about ourselves. But you already know that, right? So instead of preaching about the benefits, I’ve compiled a list of really interesting facts about running that are sure to make you think twice about surfing the Web all day! 1. Short interval training is an excellent way to burn fat. Sprinting for 8 seconds and … [Read more...]

The 47 Most Motivational Running Quotes for 2014 (… and 3 amazing ways to apply them)


Being a runner can sometimes feel like riding on a roller coaster. Although it is fun and exciting, there will be times when you’ll feel out of motivation. During the bad times there isn’t much you can do, other than to keep on pushing forward. Even when running at a world class level, there were many days I needed to dig just a little bit deeper to find a true meaning with that particular … [Read more...]