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Jack Waitz, husband of Grete Waitz, 9 Time NYC Marathon Winner

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What People Are Saying:

  • "Most marathon  training schedules are rigid. The 100 Day Marathon Plan deals with flexibility and gives runners options. I especially enjoyed the marathon race-day tips and how you combine the Italian and Kenyan schools of thought into one program.

    I like the use of Lydiard-like periodization with a build up from the 5K to the marathon itself. All types of runners would benefit from this type of marathon work. That's the best thing about this program: It's for everyone!

    It builds you up for the marathon, step-by-step instead of getting you to think about the marathon from day one. I've never seen anything like this before"

    avatar Duncan Larkin Running Times Magazine Writer, 2.32 Marathoner. Author of "Running Simple"

  • “Dr. Marius Bakken used his unique experience as a world-class runner to put together one of the most comprehensive marathon products I have seen.

    The 100-day Marathon Training program is covering all topics to improve as a runner. Marius experience and knowledge of modern training techniques will benefit runners, from the beginner to the experienced marathoner."

    avatar Jack Waitz Husband of 9 Time NYC Marathon Winner Grete Waitz

  • "Hello Marius this is a letter of thanks to you. On Sunday in the London Marathon I set a new life time best running 2.47.34.

    I should point out to anyone reading this that I have been running for 17 years and Marathons for 11 years! I am now 49 years old and going by what many runners say should be slowing down, yet on your program. I ran 3 mins 39 sec faster than last year and 1 min 18 sec faster than my old P.B. set way back in 2003 when I was only 42 years old! 

    I felt stronger than ever before in the last 6 miles and overtook runner after runner in my charge for the line, infact I think only one runner went passed me in those last 6 miles!

    I have found your 100 day plan enjoyable and challenging, but at the same time because you never train harder than 10k pace I was able to recover quickly and not overtrain and dig myself into a whole I could not get out of! Also because your training plan changes from week to week found my body kept getting stronger throughout the entire program!

    I had no injuries or illness, a very good sign that shows how sensible and clever your program is! I now intend to follow your training programme up to next years London marathon, where I believe I can continue to improve and run 2.45 or better at the age of 50! I'm happy to recommend your 100 day marathon plan to anybody who is serious about running faster, if I can do it then anyone can! 

    Thanks again Marius, you have reversed the aging process for me:)

    Rick Bowker Southport UK. PR at the Liverpool half marathon of 1.18 ' 2010 at the age of 49 (1 month later went on to run 2:47 in London) Blogs at

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So What’s The 100 Day Marathon Plan All About?

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4 Important Things About the 100 Day Plan :

  1. The 100 Plan is a field-tested and complete training system for the marathon – for both beginners and seasoned veterans by Olympian Marius Bakken, MD. The system is based on a special, highly effective, Kenyan-Italian hybrid training system for smarter training and faster results. Structured so it's easy to customize for any runner — regardless of age, gender, speed, or skill. The entire program comes in easy-to-find sections that clearly explain things. 

  2. There's 8 different marathon training schedules ranging from the pure beginners training plan up to the 2:45 marathoner. Specifically you have a 2:45 schedule, a 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00 and a pure beginners plan to pick from ! (you get instant access to all upon purchase) It doesn't matter what level of runner you are. It doesn't matter how fast you currently run. The “100 Day Marathon Plan” can quickly and easily be customized to your needs and abilities.
  3. You'll get 15 instructional videos walk you step-by-step through the schedules, 10 additional videos cover important things like how to pick the correct running shoes... how to improve your running form... how to use strength training... With added advice on proper diet and preventing and healing injuries. In total 120 content-packed pages designed to make you run faster and better than you've ever done before.
  4. The 100 Day Plan is flexible. In fact there is added a whole section in the program which explains how you can adjust the program to as little as 60 days or up to 150 days from race day and still use the powerful training. You may adjust the plan to other distances such as the 5k/half marathon as well. You can even use the 100 day plan as a general running plan, just to improve your general running times and give you more motivational daily running!

About The Author

Marius Bakken is a Norwegian two time Olympic runner (2000 and 2004) that currently holds the Norwegian 2000,3000 and 5000 meter record (13.06.39).

In 2010, he finished medical school and is currently working full time as a doctor in southern Norway, as well as helping the over 3600 runners from close to 40 countries who have currently gained access to the 100 Day Marathon Training Schedule (as of august 2013).
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